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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What is your treasure??

Sometimes our kids say things that make us stop and think really hard, or at least my kids do. In our little town, we have a spot that has palm trees planted in it, and there are some rocks around the bottom of the trees. I guess it reminds them of a pirate movie (veggie tales). We were passing that spot the other day and they said to me, "Mommy, I hope we can dig up that treasure one day", to which I replied, "what treasure". Then they said, "You know, the treasure that is buried under the (X marks the spot), I hope it will be full of chocolate and ice cream".

I had to take a minute and just reflect on the innocence of that statement. To them, they are not worried about money or possessions, what they consider to be a treasure are the things that they love and the things that make them happy. In this case it is chocolate and ice cream. What if I could go back to the things that make me truly happy, wouldn't that be wonderful. To let go of the importance that money and possessions seem to have with adults, and just find the things that make us happy.  Wow, to be able to think like a child again about certain things, and to retain that innocence, would really make our world a different place.

Photo Source:  ryosuqi


Momma Button said...

This is why I prefer to be with the children at church. They always keep me grounded. That and I love their innocence. Have a wonderful week!

Lisa said...

This post makes me miss being a kid and it also makes me wonder at what point did I stop treasuring those simple things? As a mom of 1 and another on the way, right now I would treasure some peaceful nights of rest. lol