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Monday, September 6, 2010

Kroger Deals 9/5-9/11!!

There are not that many great match-ups at Kroger this week, but they still have some good deals!!

Kroger frozen veggtables $0.88.

Pepsi 2 liter soft drinks $0.88.

Captin Crunch cereal $1.98.
$0.50 off of one box of Captin Crunch (doubles to $1.00)

Banquet Entree $0.88.

Hunt's Tomatoes $0.89.

Amp or Rock Star Energy drinks $1.00.

Tyson split chicken breast $0.99 lb.

Kroger Ground Chuck $1.99 lb.

Fresh Selections or Ready Pac garden salad $1.00.

Kroger buns or bread $1.00.

Kroger Cheese $2.50.

Boneless half pork loin $1.99 lb.

Kroger peanut butter or grape jelly $1.00.

Annie's Natural Macaroni and cheese $1.00.

GoLean Crunchy or Roll bar $1.00.

Hormel pepperoni or hard salami $1.00.

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