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Monday, August 16, 2010

Frugal Floor Fix!!

A while back, my husband and I did some major work on the floors in our home. We pulled up carpet and finished and refinished the existing hard wood floors. I was a little slack in finishing up the details like the transitions pieces that go from the carpet to the hardwood.

When I finally made it to Lowes to purchase some of those transition pieces, I was SHOCKED to see how much they cost. We are talking at least $15.00 for a small piece, and we needed way more than one small piece.

I knew I needed to find another option, so I started searching the molding section. I came across this.

It is a piece of Styrofoam molding, in the right shade, and at less than $3.00 for an 8 foot piece it was definitely the right price.

However, since it is made of some type of Styrofoam material (not your typical Styrofoam) I was a little worried that it would break when we tried to install it, or break from the children jumping on it.

Much to my surprise and satisfaction, it has held up wonderfully thus far. We had no problem when we installed it, and the kids have trampled it and it is still in one piece. It only cost us around $6 to do all of the  transition areas in the house, much better than the alternative!!

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1 comment:

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Excellent solution and it looks really good! I've used that kind of molding before on small projects and it's toughness surprised me, too. So far it's holding up well and looking good. There is usually a workable solution for a clever woman if you keep your eyes open and brain engaged. Cheers!