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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to fill your child's back pack on the cheap!!

Well, that time is quickly approaching, school time!! Along with "school time" comes the incredibly long list of school supplies. So, the question is, how do fill up your child's back pack and not blow the budget??

My strategy is simple, shop the sales, and get the freebies!! Even though we homeschool, we still have to stock up on the normal school supplies. With five children, that means lots of pencils, paper, and crayons!!

The first places that I look for school supplies are CVS and Walgreens. Each week they offer items that are free (or really cheap) after Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards, for the back to school season!! For instance, this week at Walgreens, you can get a 2 pack of Pilot G2 pens for $0.19 after RR's. Rulers, 2 pocket folders, and highlighters are on sale for $0.09 each. One Subject notebooks, 2 pack erasers, and 10 pack sheet protectors are on sale for $0.29 each. There are several other great sales this week as well.

The next place I look is at office stores. Even if you do not normally shop there, these stores offer some really great deals at school time. This week at Office Depot, you can get Dry Erase markers, hand sanitizer, staplers, and stacking crates for free after rebate. They also have 2 pocket folders on sale for $0.05, and notebook filler paper on sale for only $0.25!! You can get washable school glue for $0.01 at Staples this week, and several things for just $0.25.

It really pays to shop the deals, and check them every week. By the time school starts back your child should be well stocked in everything school related!!

photo source: iprole

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1 comment:

Amy said...

I love the back to school sales. Just today I bought 8 boxes of crayons for $2. I do this every year-- a new box goes great with a Christmas coloring book! :)

My WFMW post today is about how I make my online time pay off in terms of happy snail mail.  :)