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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cut that electric bill by turning up the AC!!

Last week I posted about how you can save money on your electric bill by not using your dryer. Today I want to talk about turning up the AC. A great way to cut down the bill is to turn up your AC during the summer time. We keep ours set on 75 (we live in the south where the temperature outside is anywhere for 85 to 100 and we have lots of sticky nasty humidity). I have found that by having ceiling fans throughout the house we are able to comfortably turn up the thermostat.

That is saying a lot for our house, since I cook all of the time, there are five kids running around, and my hubby is very "hot-natured".

Anyway, we have found that it works for us, and cuts down substantially on our electric bill. If you cannot take it up that high, even one degree will help a little each month, and by the end of the year you will have a good little savings.

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photo source: vancanjay


LivingSoAbundantly said...

Do you have ceiling fans throughout your house? We just have one in on the lower level.

Coby said...

This makes a big difference for us too! We live in a hot part of Southern California (yesterday was 109). I keep the AC set at 80 during the day while I'm home and drop it down to 76-78 when hubby gets home from work. We also have lots of ceiling fans to help circulate the air.

Brandy said...

@ LivingSoAbundantly,
We do have them throughout the house. One in each bedroom, one in the living area, one in the office, two in the kitchen (we have a large kitchen).