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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Turn Trash into a Garden Treat!!

That's right, you heard me, turn your kitchen trash into a garden treat. I am talking about compost. This has been one of our latest projects. When we moved into this home we noticed it had a wooden platform in the side of the yard. I have been wanting to try my hand at making compost, so I decided we would use it.

First we gathered our materials, brown leaves, green clippings, and kitchen waste.  **Note, there are certain things that you should not add to compost**  Make sure you do some research before you start your own compost bin!! Next, we dumped it into our compost bin and added water. We also turned the pile to make sure everything was mixed up.

It has only been a few days, but it seems to be working. The compost pile is heating up on the inside (which is what it is supposed to do). So, hopefully in a couple of months we will have some really great soil to add to our garden.

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'Becca said...

Good for you! I hope it goes fabulously. Here are my composting tips.