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Friday, June 11, 2010

Luvs diapers for $5.79!!

Have you ordered from Diapers.com yet? Well, they have a pretty good deal going right now. You can get 6 packs of Luvs diapers and one pack of wipes for a total of $40.53!!

Here is how the deal works:
Add (6) packs of Luvs to your cart @ $7.99 each.
Add (1) pack of Earth's Best wipes to your cart @ $2.59
Total is $50.53
Use the coupon code : SAVSOM01 to save $10.00 off of your first order, and you get free shipping.

Get $10 off
your first order of diapers
use code SAVSOM01
$49 min. total order
buy diapers
shop diapers.comdiapers.com  baby store

I love great diaper deals, and $ 5.79 is a pretty good price!!

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