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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walgreens Deals 5/2-5/811

Coffee-mate liquid 16oz. 2/$3.00 (limit of 4).
$0.50 off of one Coffee-mate liquid creamer (Exp. 8/2/10).
Dunkin Donuts Coffee $5.99 (limit of 2).

Buy $10 in participating products below and receive $2.00 RR's.
Bounce Dryer Bar or 70 or 80 pack sheets $4.00.
$0.50 off of Bounce Dryer Bars (exp. 5/31/10).
$0.25 off of Bounce Dryer sheets (Exp. 5/31/10).

10 pack stain release Tide $4.00.
$1.00 off of Tide Stain Release (Exp. 5/31/10).

Downy Liquid $4.00.
$1.00 off of Downy (exp. 5/31/10).

Cascade dishwasher detergent $4.00.
$0.25 off of Cascade (Exp. 5/31/10).

Products that are 25% off:
Febreeze Reed Diffuser, soy candle 6oz.
Air Effects 9.7oz, noticeables refills.
$0.50 off of Febreeze Air Effects (exp. 5/31/10).

Fabric Refresher 27oz
$1.00 off of Febreeze fabric refresher (Exp. 5/31/10).

Mr. Clean 28oz. or 2 pack magic eraser.
$2.00 off of three Mr. Clean Erasers (Exp. 5/31/10).
$1.00 off of two Mr. Clean sprays, liquids, or Erasers (exp. 5/31/10).

Swiffer wet jet starter kit
$2.00 off of any one Swiffer Starter Kit (exp. 5/31/10).
 Swiffer 12 or 16 pack refills
Swiffer 5 pack dusters
Swiffer wet jet cleaner

Clorox liquid bleach 2/$3.00.

Schick Hydro 3 or 5 blade razor system $7.99, get $5.00 RR's.

Buy $15.00 worth of Nivea products and get $5.00 RR's.
$1.00 off of Nivea Hydrating Shower Gels (Exp. 6/30/11).

$1.00 off of Nivea Body Wash for Women (Exp. 6/30/11).
$1.00 off of Nivea Body Wash for Women (exp. 5/31/10).
$2.00 off any Nivea Body wash for women (exp. 5/31/10 April All You).
Buy one get one free Nivea Body Wash (exp. 5/31/10 May All You).
Buy One get one free Nivea Lip Care (exp. 5/31/10 May All You).

Pert Plus shampoo plus conditioner $1.99.

Pampers Jumbo Pack diapers or Easy Ups 2/$20.00, get $2.00 RR's.
$1.50 off of any Pampers diapers or pants (Exp. 5/31/10).

Comfort Smooth wipes $1.99.

Walgreens Jumbo premium diapers, training, or sleep pants $8.99, buy one get one 1/2 off.

Kellogg's select cereal, 8 pack poptarts, or 5 pack FiberPlus bars 2/$5.00, get $2.00 RR's.
$1.00 off of two KEllogg's cereal (Exp. 5/23/10).

Irish Spring or Softsoap body wash $2.99, get $2.00 RR's.
$0.50 off of irish spring body wash (exp. 5/15/10).

Dawn dish liquid $0.99 with in-ad coupon.
$0.25 off of Dawn (exp. 5/31/10).

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