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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Decorating Part II !!

As promised, here are the pictures of my daughters room that we recently decorated. You will have to excuse the one armed baby doll, I am not sure what happened to the other arm. I think it was probably taken off by one of the boys and used as a weapon, but there is no way to know for sure, haha.

I already told you about the bedding and the wall stickers. I was also able to find some other cute things. We found the butterfly nightlight at Target as well. The little pink balls hanging from the ceiling are paper lanterns from the dollar store. The pink baskets pictured below were found at Target in the dollar section. I think they are out for Easter, but they work perfectly for holding all of the little things that girls collect; hairbows, finger nail polish, and tons of lip gloss.

Of all the things that we found for her room, this is her favorite. The pink Princess Piggy Bank, complete with a crown and tutu.

We both had so much fun with this project.  My budget to begin with was $200.  We actually spent $153.  The cost breakdown is below:
Bedding set: $20.00
Sheet Set: $10.00
Wall Stickers:  $18.00 (we bought two of these for a total of $36.00)
Night Light: $12.00
Princess Piggy Bank: $12.00
Paper Lanterns: $3.00 (we bought three of these @ $1.00 each)
Little Pink Baskets: $3.00 (we bought three of these @ $1.00 each)
Rug: $17.00
Curtains: $24.00
Pillows: $16.00

Total = $153.00

So, it is possible to decorate and come in under budget, you just have to be creative!!

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