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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Decorating on a budget!!

I am used to working on a budget, in all aspects of my life. On our budget certain things take lower priority, for instance decorating. However, this week we decided to decorate my oldest daughters room, but of course I wanted to stay strictly within our budget. So, how did we do it?

Well, first I checked all of the sales. I have been looking for bedding to go on sale for the past few weeks, and finally Target put their cute bedding sets on sale. I took my daughter with me so that she could pick out what she wanted (this was a good lesson on money for her). At first she loved everything that we saw (she is only 5 years old), but after much debate on colors and price she finally decided on a cute set with polk a dots. The great thing about Target this week was they also had their sheet sets on sale, so we were able to find a cute one to match the comforter set.

Next we turned our attention to the walls. They were plain white, so we wanted to add color without painting. We decided to go with Wall Decals. We found dots that matched the colors in her bedding set, so we grabbed those. I must say that I love these wall stickers. They are so easy to apply, all you do is peel them off and stick them where you want them. You can even peel them off of the wall and reposition them if you want to. We bought two packages of them, and they added just enough color for her room.

Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures and details on the rest of the room.

1 comment:

Budget Wise Home said...

Don't you just love Target. Good job on waiting for the sales--and wall decals are just great. Can't wait to see the pics.