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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Angel Food Ministries!!

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned Angel Food Ministries before, but just in case you are not familiar with the program. Angle Food Ministries is a program designed to help provide food relief to communities throughout the country. There are no criteria such as income limitations that you have to meet, and everyone can participate.

For $30.00 per month you can get a box of food that retails for $60.00 and over. I have participated in this program and can tell you from first hand experience that all of the food is good. Everything tastes fresh, and you can stretch it out to make it last even longer. There are different boxes that you can order, and the menu is different each month. The Signature box costs $30.00, it contains meat, shelf stable milk, eggs, a desert item, vegetables, and usually some type of bread. Then there are special boxes that you can order. They are offering a seafood box in the month of January.

I really love this program, and feel that it can be a great resource to several families. If you would like to find out if there is a participating location near you go here.

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CheapbyChoice said...

I love Angel food! We order it almost every month!