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Friday, July 31, 2009

What if the Government was thrifty??

I know that all of you out there are concerned with being thrifty and frugal, if not you probably would not be visiting my site. Some of the very important principals of living a frugal and thrifty life are to not spend money that you do not have, and to look around for the best bargains. What if our government would take that approach.

What if our Government would stop spending tons of money that we do not have, and start looking for the existing unnecessary expenses that can be taken out. It saddens me that there was so much talk when the stimulus was being pushed, about Americans taking it upon themselves to live responsibly, and the very entity that told us that will not follow that advice.

I think that it is time for all of you super frugal citizens to step up. It is time we share our knowledge of how to actually implement a strict budget, and cut out the nonsense. Can you imagine a group of coupon clipping moms running the country, it would be in fabulous!! I would love to see someone who actually means what they say about budgets and spending, take office. After all, if you can run a home and family, you can do just about anything.

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