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Friday, July 24, 2009

Need to cut some expenses??

Are you feeling the crunch of the economy in your wallet? Well, there are a few areas that you may not have thought to cut back on yet. First consider your phone bill. Do you really need a house phone, many people are deciding to cut out theirs all together, and only go with a cell phone. If you would still like to keep your land line, what type of package are you currently paying for? Do you really need all of the extras? Unlimited long distance, call waiting, and voice mail are all optional, especially if you have a cell phone that has the same features. Why not try cutting back to the bare necessities.

What about your cable or satellite bill. How many of us can really watch 800 channels? Why not trim that expense down and watch your favorite shows on the Internet.

Lastly, check your Internet package. Sometimes companies will neglect to tell you about cheaper plans, and automatically sign you up for a more expensive one. Look into it and see if there is a less expensive option available.

These are just a few ways to save a little extra each month, but every penny helps.

photo source: kevin cortopassi

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