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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reader Question!!

Okay everyone, I want to see if any of my readers are "homeschoolers", and if you have any curriculum recommendations for me. We will begin homeschooling Kindergarten this year, and I would greatly appreciate any tips, tricks, or suggestions that you would like to share.

Please leave a comment with your ideas, suggestions, or words of encouragement. I am so excited to see what you wonderful ladies have to say.


Danielle said...

I have homeschooled my oldest girls since Pre-school. Currently they are finishing 1st and 2nd grade. I have not used a set curriculum yet. There is so much information online for free that paying for it seems silly to me (at least for the early years). I highly recommend the book Everything Your Kindergartner Needs To Know. It is a great series (goes through 6th grade) of books to guide you. Feel free to contact me or check out my homeschool blog for more info.

ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com

The Jacobsen Family! said...

YES!! We just did Kindergarten with my oldest this past year, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE our curriculum. I wish I were like Danielle above and brave enough to find and teach stuff on my own, but I was terrified. The My Father's World curriculum was perfect for me, esp as a first-timer. The teacher handbook literally tells you exactly what books you need for the lessons and even what to say! As the year progressed, I became more comfortable and came up with some of my own ideas, but this curriculum is very thorough, and I could have just stuck with it to the tee and been fine too.
Good luck! I'm here to help if you need any, although we're still new to it too! =)

Danielle Miller said...

My litle guy is only one, but I've already been putting thought into how I'm going to handle school. I'm planning to get him the Teach Your Baby to Read program soon. Other than that, I'm just going to start creating a general learning environment. I'm hoping to instill most concepts through experiential learning so there's as little sit down and learn time as possible. I'm going to find out about the concepts necessary for each grade level.