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Friday, April 3, 2009

Savin' Some Green Challenge!!

Okay everyone, it is time for the Green Challenge Check up. Since the challenge started last week I have been taking my own reusable shopping bags on each trip. You would be amazed at how many plastic bags you can save this way.

My husband also found a new use for leaky sippy cups. We palnted some vegtable seeds in starter trays in our home, he filled the sippy cup with water and turned it up so it would leak water onto the plants. I thought that was a great idea, it gives just the right amount of water.

Share your Green tips for the green challenge. Leave a link to your Green Challenge post.

Photo Source: Brunna Peretti


A Cowboy's Wife said...

Hi Brandy! Love that you're doing a green challenge. Sadly I haven't posted on anything green lately. I know, it's terrible but I am working harder at becoming more eco-friendly. I do use reuseable shopping bags and I'm recycling every chance I get. :)

Hope it was okay to post about my last green thing...which was printers. I thought it was cool anyways.

Tara @ Deal Seeking Mom said...

I didn't have a green post either, Brandy, but I linked our Money4Moms show that we did last Wednesday on how going green can save you money!