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Friday, April 24, 2009

Green Challenge!!

The Green Challenge for this week is, what can you do with a plastic bottle. It can be any type of plastic bottle. I would love to see and hear about all of your ideas. This is what I did. I saw the commercial about the upside down tomato planter that is currently being sold on TV. I thought it was a great idea, but you know me, I did not want to spend the money to buy one, so I decided to make one. I actually made three, one using a large empty bubble container, one using an empty 2 liter bottle, and one using an empty juice bottle.

To make them I simply cut off the bottom of the bottles and punched four holes in each container. Then I cut two even pieces of rope and attached them to the bottles. Next I inserted my plant with the roots in the bottle and the plant sticking out of the small end. I added potting soil and hung them up outside. I have been watering them everyday, and they are doing great. I was a little skeptical at first, but some of them are actually blooming.

My Tomato Plants!!

I left the labels on the bottles for the picture so that you could see what type of bottle I used.

I would love to see what you can do with a plastic bottle. Please leave a comment or a link to your post about how to reuse a plastic bottle.

Next weeks challenge will be to go an entire week without paper towels. I would love to see what you use in place of the paper towels, and any other green tips that you have on next weeks post.


mars said...

That is such a great idea - I love it! I saw the Tomato Plant Kit at Walgreens (the one that is AS SEEN ON TV). I was tempted to buy it, but didn't want to waste my money. Now you have given me such a great idea - I am going to do the same thing as you. Brilliant!

Jenny said...

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