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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simple Ways To Cut Everyday Expenses!!

Switch from paper coffee filters to a reusable coffee filter. A pack of coffee filters is relatively inexpensive, but if you buy one pack per month that cost $1.50, by switching you can save $18.00 per year. Not to mention that you are helping the environment by making the change.

Switch from soda to water. Even when soda is on sale for $1.00 per bottle, if you buy five bottles per week, that adds up to $260.00 per year. By switching to water you are not only helping you budget, but also helping your body.

Save plastic butter and sour cream containers and use them to store leftovers. Reusing these containers is not only better for the environment; it prevents the need to purchase expensive storage containers.

Adjust the thermostat in your home by on degree, depending on the season. This will help with the electric and gas bill.

Switch from harsh cleaning chemicals to baking soda and vinegar. Chemicals are more expensive, and very harsh on the environment and your family. Baking soda and vinegar work just as well as the harsh chemicals and are a fraction of the cost.

Stop using paper towels. Cut old towels into smaller sections, and use them for everyday cleanup. This is also better on the environment by recycling what you already have, and decreasing the amount of garbage produced by your home.

Place crumpled up newspaper in the empty space in your refrigerator. This promotes better cooling, and reuses old newspaper.

Clean the air filter in your home. By keeping the air filter clean, you allow the air to flow freely through your home.

Use less laundry detergent when you do the laundry. You do not have to use the entire cap full to get great results. Less detergent can go a long way.

Recycle everything that can be recycled to cut down on the number of trash bags consumed by your home. This is also great for the environment, because it keeps the landfills from being overfilled.

Use bath towels more than once before you wash them. After the shower, hang the towel up to dry and use it again. This cuts down on the amount of electricity used to wash and dry, the amount of water used to wash, and the amount of detergent needed to clean them.

These are just a few simple ways you can cut down on everyday expenses, and help the environment at the same time. There are many more things that you can do, be creative and start saving.

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