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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Party Time!!

The first step to having a birthday party is planning it. I always use a notebook to keep my thoughts together during this process, and that works well for me. However, there is also a website that will do it for you, www.mypunchbowl.com. This site is super easy to use, it took around 10 minutes to plan my party using this site. Mypunchbowl allows you to pick a date, design invitations, access check lists, make guest lists, and keep up with your address book. I thought it was a great resource to use if you prefer to plan online.

Once you have decided your method of planning, next it is time to set a date. Remember that it is not always possible to accommodate every ones activities, so make it a date that you are comfortable with.

After setting the date, next you need to decide on a location. Do you want to have a "home" party, make a day at the park, trip to the zoo? Certain locations can get pricey, so consider this when brainstorming about the location. You should also consider the weather, if you are planning an outdoor party. What will your backup plan be if there is rain or snow?

Next comes the theme. There are so many themes out there, some of which are frugal, and some of which are not. We will talk more about themes in a later post.

After you have decided on the theme, next it is time for invitations and decorations. WordWorld has some neat downloadable notes and decorations. Einvite also has some cute downloadable favors, however they appear to be for adult parties.

Once you pick out the invitations, next it is time to address them. Decide on your guest list and make sure you get your invitations out in plenty of time. I try to get my invitations about two weeks before the party date. This allows everyone enough time to make plans and arrangements to attend.

The Cake is also a huge thing on the list. We will also talk more about cakes in a later post.

The gifts and favors would probably be next on the list. Make sure you remember the favors. Party favors do not have to be large and expensive, something simple will work wonderfully.

The final step would be the Thank you cards, don't forget those. I like to make theme out after the party is over, that way I am sure not to leave anyone out.


Jennie C said...

This post couldn't have come at a better time! I am planning Haydens party now. I will check out some of these site! Whos party are you planning?

Brandy said...

I am planning Alyanna's and Avery's.

Meredith@MerchantShips said...


I met you at Blissdom and popped over to say hello.

We are having a big LEGO birthday this weekend and hope to post all the details at my blog.