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Thursday, February 12, 2009

15 Ways to Save in the Kitchen!!

1. Cook from scratch.

2. Plan your meals weekly or monthly. This cuts down on the amount of non-essential items you purchase.

3. Cook large portions that can be divided and frozen.

4. Do not buy convenience foods.

5. Make your own baby food.

6. Bake your own snack food; cookies and muffins.

7. Wash and reuse storage bags.

8. Use plastic and glass food containers to store leftovers.

9. Reuse milk jugs to make Kool-Aid.

10. Make your own frozen lunch meals like pasta meals and muffins for breakfast and snack.

11. Freeze leftovers so they do not go bad.

12. Clean the air vent on the refrigerator so that it cools properly.

13. Plant a vegetable garden.

14. Utilize your freezer when you find a great sale.

15. Only use a small amount of dish detergent to wash the dishes.

Photo Source: jtl


{Katie Lane} said...

Great list Brandy! I bloged about it and added a few myself.

Wheatley Family said...

Thank you for the great hints! I love your site!! You always have the best ideas!