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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 Things You Can Do With An Empty Plastic Drink Bottle!

Most of us have at least one empty plastic drink bottle around the house somewhere. Instead of throwing it out, here are ten ideas on how to use it.

1. Use as a vase for pretty flowers.

2. Cut and use the top half for a funnel.

3. Use the bottom half for a paint cup.

4. Use the bottom half of bottles in your dresser drawer as sock holders.

5. Use the lids for counting objects for preschool children.

6. Refill with water, sports drink, or tea.

7. Dry well and store sugar in them for easy dispensing.

8. Fill half way with water and freeze to use as an ice pack in a cooler.

9. Use as a paper clip holder.

10. Cut in half and sit the top half upright to hold small paint brushes.

1 comment:

shopannies said...

what great ideas thanks for sharing. One more thing we can reuse and have something to show for it