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Friday, January 30, 2009

How Your Freezer Can Save You Money!!

I have mentioned before how I only shop at Aldi once a month, because it is 40 minutes away from my home. When I go to Aldi I like to stock up on things like hot dogs, cheese, turkey bacon, sausage, bread, tortillas, just to name a few. Stocking up is good, but then you have to find a place to store them. That is where the freezer comes in. I have frozen all of the above listed items, and they do well.

I can not stand to throw food out, it is so wasteful and makes me feel guilty. When I use my freezer to store food I don't have to throw things out (most of the time).

Not everyone has a "big freezer", but you would be surprised at how much you can fit in the freezer on top of the refrigerator. The key to storing a lot in your small freezer is organization. When you are well organized, and utilize every inch of freezer space, you can fit tons of stuff in there.

If you are new to "freezing", or would like some great tips, this website has a lot of useful information about freezing.

Photo Source: framboise

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