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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walgreens Clearance!!

I went to Walgreens today, and was very happy to see that they have tons of makeup and shampoo on clearance. Some of the Revlon lip stick was marked down to $2.29, and I had a $2.00 coupon, so I got lipstick for $0.29, I also managed to grab some mascara for $1.29. I did not take all of my coupons with me today (I know, can you believe it), or I would have come home with a very large bag full.
I looked around the entire store, and saw that Sunsilk hair products, and some Suave hair care products were also on clearance. Sally nail products and bonnie bell were also on clearance. I know there are coupons out there for these products.
So, grab your coupons and check them out. Some of these items would be great stocking stuffers, or great fillers for gift baskets.

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