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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Storing Your Stockpile!!

If you have a grocery stockpile, where do you store it? Many people feel that they can not stockpile because they simply do not have the space. However, there are some creative ways to store your things. In my home, we have a shortage of storage space, especially when it comes to closet space. I have off season clothes stored under the bed, and in the top of my small closets in vacuum bags, which I absolutely love by the way. When it comes to storing your stockpile, groceries do not always have to be in the kitchen.

Think about all of the unused space in your home. Do you have space under the bed, in the bottom of the linen closet, or in high unused cabinets in your home? We have one pantry in our home, and it is pretty large, but not large enough for stockpile storage. However, I have some really high cabinets in my kitchen that are not used for anything, because they are super high, and I also have a little extra space under the bed. I find that a good use for these super high cabinets is stockpile storage. Things like canned veggies and dry boxed goods fit well there and are kept out of sight, which makes it feel a little less cluttered in my kitchen. If you have some of the under the bed storage bins, this too becomes a great space to store canned foods or dry boxed goods. Once again keeping them out of sight and out of mind.

The bottom of a linen closet would also work well. Use some of the storage bins that are available everywhere, and storage becomes easy and convenient. A couple of tips about stockpile storage to remember are:
1. Group like items together.
2. Label your containers.
3. Keep a running inventory of what you have and where you have it. A great place to keep this list is in your home management binder.
4. Rotate your stock.

Stockpiling is a great way to prevent paying full price ever again. It is also a super idea with the state of our economy. Lets face it, we never know when the next layoff or pay cut will occur. It is nice to know that if something does happen, you will have enough food to last for a few months.

Do you have some stockpile storage tips? If so, I would love to hear about them.

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Rhonda said...

I bought one of those big pantry-style shelving units to put in my basement (got a great deal on it because it was the last on at the furniture store). I like it because there are adjustable shelves and doors to hide things away. We stuck in an an unused cubby area in the basement, so it is convenient but out of the way. It has been a great place to store away all of our extra non-perishables!