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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday

Well, I did not make it to any yard sales today, but I did stop by a couple of thrift shops. I have been looking for curtains for our house since we moved in, which was in February, and I ran across these today. I got a set of two panels and one dresser scarf (that is what the label said), the panels were labeled $4.99 for the pair and the dresser scarf was $1.99, but everything was half off of the ticketed price so I got everything for a grand total of $3.49 plus. I thought that was a great deal, and the curtains will look cute in my daughters room.

Another attempt at being as frugal as possible is my little garden. I only have broccoli and collards planted right now. I am going to see how well they do, and hopefully plant more next year. I am new to the gardening thing, but really love the idea of it.

Did you stumble onto some great finds this week, leave me a comment and let me know all about it.


erica m said...

I only went to one sale, and only because it was a friend's yard sale and I knew she was selling some of her little boy's clothes...

However, I left with 2 huge bags of clothing for myself. $25 and I got two pair of brand new jeans (on still had the $50 price tags) 3 sweaters, and about 7 pullover shirts. I also got about ten pair of socks (new) for my little boy and 8 toddler board books.

I went back later for the outdoor jungle gym... new it would be almost $400. I got it for $60!!!

Normally I don't spend more than a few bucks at a yard sale, but I think I got some GREAT deals today and I'm so happy to have all these fall clothes for less than one of those sweaters would have been new!!!

Jill said...

Not sure this qualifies, but I feel darn good about it :)

At our particular school they are charging approx $200 for school pics for my 3 daughters (for the pkg I want).

I took my kiddo's to Wal-Mart and got the same pkg for $4.99 each, plus a couple extra sheets with my 20% off coupon.

Grand total = $48.00. That's a Savings of over $150!!

I can't believe people still pay for expensive school portraits, when there are so many other good deals to be had out there.