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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday

I was a great Yard Sale Saturday!! I found so much great stuff, but my favorite find of the day was my like new Nine West hand bag for $1.00, WhooHoo!!. I love hand bags, and when I can find name brands for $1.00, I am all over it. I also found a box full of the paper lanterns (the big white thing that looks like a ball) and four of the little flower lanterns. I think they are so cute. The roles of paper are actually rolls of wall paper that I plan to use to make decorative boxes (I will do a post on that project soon.
I also love to cook, so I was excited to find a new cook book (and it is all about sweet things). The black shoes I thought were really cute, and I needed a pair of flat black shoes, so for $0.50 I could not pass it up.
All in All, it was a very good Yard Sale day.

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