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Friday, August 29, 2008

More Frugal Baby Food Ideas!!

This week we made banana baby food. This was super simple. I took four bananas and put them in a bowl, then I took the potato masher and mashed them up. I took out my trusty ice cube tray and filled it up with my bananas. The four bananas made an entire tray, and the little one loves it.

**Tip** If the cubes of baby food do not want to come out of the tray, I run a little hot water in the sink, and sit the tray in just long enough to loosen the cubes. They pop out with no problem.

1 comment:

Shynea said...

I just wanted to stop by your blog and tell you thank you for visiting my blog.

I too love making homemade baby food. It is a lot healthier to feed them then the ones bought at the store. Plus, you know all of the ingredients that are going into it. I have never frozen any of my baby food, I usually make it fresh daily consisting of whatever we are having for dinner. For example, last night he had green beans and rice. I put it in the food processor with a little bit of the juice off of the string beans and he loved it. Thank you for the freezing tip. I will most definitely try it.

Take care!